Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We are slowly working towards getting our life situated and back to "normal", or atleast whatever normal is for us. Eli is finally in cloth diapers. It took some growing and then lots of working finding the perfect diaper that would work well with his Mic-Key and would be easy for the nurses to use. After tons of looking and questions on message boards and such we settled on the Gro Baby System So far we are loving it. We have a mix of the washable inserts and the throw-away liners. It's nice to be back to cloth diapering. We also just got our Ergo in today and our Beco will be shipping by the end of the week. We aren't sure which will work best for Eli so we chatted with the owner of the website and she has a 365 day money back guarantee so we have decided to try both!! We've tried the Ergo for a few minutes today when it arrived but then he decided he was hungry, and is now happily enjoying his mobile. I can't wait to try it out some more later this afternoon!
In other Eli news...He's up to 9lbs 10.2oz at this mornings weigh-in. No change to the night feedings yet. He isn't seeming like he's ready so we aren't pushing. After his swelling the other day they ran tons of lab work. All came back clear, including the full kidney profile, so Dr H isn't sure what's going on. We'll just keep watching him and check back in with her in 1 1/2 wks.

Princess Ari is back to potty learning. She's doing pretty well, but at the stage where she has to be reminded very often or she'll forget. She so badly wants to wear her big girl underwear. i'm hoping she will figure it out pretty quickly.

Benjamin is same as always. We met with his worker yesterday and she gave us some information to try and get him into a behavioral psycologist. We are going to be making some calls on that and hoping to get a good working plan in place. We have tried with the unpacking to keep everything behind lock and key and are working to find solutions that he can have. We bought the entire color wonder system...markers, books, blank paper, stamps, finger paints, and brush paints. So we are hoping that helps him, since he will have something of his own that he can use without supervision. It seems that no matter what we do or how hard we try to Benjamin proof everything he still finds a way. Just now as i was blogging I heard a strange noise. he had taken Ari's wall hanging and ripped it apart and all of the beads flew all over his room. Humph. It's exhausting.

Jace and Emily are well. they are on spring break this week, and are actually enjoying it and staying busy. our local rec center has spring break activities and we signed them up for the week. games, arts and crafts, sports, field trips, etc. they are having fun and making new friends!

Bob and I are same as always. Making it thru each day. We finally joined the Y, and today was our 1st day to get to go. We are hoping to get involved in some more activities there for the kids and for us. Our night out is coming up soon and we can't wait! His suit is getting it's final alterations, and all I have left is to pick out some jewelry! We are looking forward to dressing up and having a night out alone. This will be our 1st date night since early/mid November!
The house is mostly unpacked...all that's left is the office boxes, which I absolutely hate going thru and unpacking. So many papers and so much stuff. hoping to have it all done by the weekend though. We got the garage finished and organized and we were able to get the storage and the bikes and wagons and strollers all in the 3rd car stall and we are BOTH able to park in the garage! YIPPPEEE! that has definitely been nice!

More updates soon!

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