Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Updates

It's been a long few days. My wonderful ex has decided to be an absolute pain in the ass and has spent the last 2 days harrassing and threatening me. He has said every single horrible thing he can think of and threatened everything he can think of. It's been ridiculous and out of control. It's been a very exhausting few days dealing with it. Hopefully he will leave me alone.

In other more important news. Mr eli has his recheck with the surgeon yesterday. He's still not on the growth chart yet. He's gaining but not as much as she'd like. She is wanting us to start adding vegetable oil to his breastmilk during his night pump feeds. Calories calories calories. I joked and told her if he ever has bad cholesterol we know it's her fault. She laughed and said that Mr Eli can only aspire to have bad cholesterol. LOL. Other than that she says he looks good and he goes back in a month.

Jace is doing well in school. He's really liking his new teacher and his new classroom. We have noticed the difference in the "layout" of the work, and he's really having to work to catch up with the new school districts curriculm.

Emily is doing great with homeschooling. She's really enjoying the challenge. We are doing a full course load. English, math, social studies, science, PE, art, and music. As well as an added life skills lesson. She's having fun and doing really well!

Benjamin is enjoying being back in school. Today he had a full day at school because they went on a field trip. They went to exploration place and had a weather day. Learning about spring storms, weather tracking, and all of those fun things. He really enjoyed it.

Ariana is doing well. She's working some more on pottying and I'm really hoping to get pushing with it more. I think once I'm committed 100% she'll just run right into it with no problem.

Bob is working. It's been busy the last few, as the end of the month always seems to be. He's looking forward to a few days off when we go to KC the beginning of April.
I'm feeling a bit better as my antibiotics seem to be kicking in. My sinuses have been miserable so that's not been fun. Looking forward to the root canal so this can all be over with. Sounds strange but true.

more updates soon.

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A Guide To My Life and Other Amusing Tales said...

hey there. got your blog from bbc. i noticed you are from wichita, i am in pittsburg, se corner of ks.

sorry to hear about your ex! i hope things get better soon!