Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Annoucing the Arrival of....

Elias Richard. Born December 1st, 2009 at 4:02pm. He weighed 5 lbs 11.4oz and was 16 inches long.

We got to the hospital on the 1st at 6am. Had the amnio at 9am, and got the results around 11am. His lungs were ready and Dr J decided induction was the way to go. I was dialated enough that Dr J agreed to just break my water and not use any pitocin and see what happened. He broke my water at 12:11pm. I needed nothing more. I labored on the birthing ball at the very end to make it thru the last little bit of labor. By the time I felt the pushy feeling beginning I was 8, and a few contractions later knew I couldn't wait any longer. They paged Dr J but he didn't make it until a few minutes after Eli was born. Dr J atleast got to deliver the placenta! :) Eli was doing well and holding his own.

He did pee immediately after being born, so that gave the confirmation that his kidneys were indeed working. He is having alot of muscle spasms and they think this is from his nerves not 100% being developed. He had a cranial ultrasound this morning to check for brain bleeds and it came back good. They've also been checking his blood sugars and they have all come up well. Right now it's alot of swaddling, strong holding, and no gentle touching. That seems to help. He's nursing wonderfully so that is definitely a good thing. Here in a little bit they will be running more lab work and checking his electrolytes to make sure there is no imbalance there. He didn't pass his hearing test in either ear this morning, they are thinking it's a bit of fluid from birth, so he will be retested tomorrow morning and then they will go from there. Apparently his testicles haven't dropped and are still in his abdomen. This is something they will watch over the next month or two, and if they do not descend on their own then he will need surgery to bring them down. Time will tell on that one.
He will be sent to a pediatric urologist when he is 2 weeks old for kidney testing and ultrasounds. Since he is passing urine, they want to give his body a chance to stabilize before they do all of the testing. Obviously if he begins having problems they will do the testing sooner, so we will keep track of his wet diapers!
Lastly he had a jaundice test, and it's slight but nothing to worry about so that is also good! All in all he's doing super good!
I'm feeling great. My labor was less than 4 hours, no meds, no pit, no nothing, and the only thing on me that is sore is my danged right hand where they put the dumb IV for emergencies. :)
And I know everyone wants photos so I'll end with a few of those! :)


CNH said...

Congratulations again Heather! I've been thinking of you often today, hoping things were as well as could be expected. Sounds like the news isn't too bad! Wait and see some more. Hopefully he will continue to pass urine. I pray he continues to nurse well for you. Let me know if I can do anything for you guys.

Hannah said...

So very happy for you and your family! Welcome to the world, baby boy! He is gorgeous! (But you didn't need ME to tell you that!)

I'm so glad your labor was so easy and that he is doing so well so far. Praying his little ears just had a bit of fluid. Sending you lots of love!

~* N *~ said...

He's so beautiful Heather! Congratulations for a great delivery and such a healthy baby boy. I hope the nerve thing and hearing are just issues with having to arrive early. Praying that it all works out for the best.

leah said...

Oh, congratulations! Our little guy was born with PUV's (posterior urethral valves), but had no kidney issues- we found them at 18 months of age. He also failed his newborn hearing screen (actually does have some hearing loss, but it doesn't slow him down any).

I'll keep my fingers crossed that he passes his repeat hearing screen- hope the kidneys settle down, too. He's a beautiful baby!