Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy...update super late

It's been a LONG and BUSY day. We've had so many people in and out and so much info and so many changes today.
Eli got super fussy last night and wanted to nurse so badly. So they adjusted today and he had an NG feeding at 6am and then no more, and he was able to nurse all day. Then this evening Bob and I went home to see our older 4 kids and he had 1 NG feeding at 7pm. He did well, he is still choking and gagging but not turning blue. They are hoping he "re-learns" how to pace himself while eating.
They redid his kidney labs today and we are waiting on them. If all looks good, they will be doing his renal scan tomorrow. If his kidney has no function left then he will have surgery here, as they will simply be removing all of the kidney and tissue. If there is some function left he will either be transported by ambulance to Kansas City or soft discharged into our vehicle and we have a few hours to immediately drive there with him. And then after we know which surgery we are having, then they need to decide how quickly. Immediate is starting to look like the best route as we can't keep having kidney infections but if he has to wait to gain a few more he will have to have full kidney testing and VCUG's every single week until he weighs enough. So we wait until tomorrow night or Saturday morning to know for sure.
He did gain weight. 5lbs 13oz, which is another 1.4oz gain. Hopefully he will have gained today or he will have to go back on NG feedings as well as nursings. We will find out in the morning.
That's all for now. Mr Eli is wanting to nurse.

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