Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mid week updates

we are now all under 1 roof. the 4 older kids came home yesterday. they are glad to be home and so are we.
life with eli has been alot harder than expected. his 1st doc check in took over 2 hours. they had trouble drawing his labs and it took 3 heel pricks and over 45 minutes. and we have to do that appointment weekly. we had home health out yesterday for his first regular visit. she was great with eli and super informative. she will be out atleast twice a week and hopefully starting next week she will be doing his labs here at home. we have his gi doc on monday but have had multiple phone checkins with her so far. she finally got elis meds fixed and we are back on the liquid prilosec. took alot of phone calls and insurance approvals but its done. we just started back on it last night so hoping for imrpovements soon. hes still throwing up every feeding and choking a bit again. should see that drop after a few days on the prilosec though. he has gained a tiny bit. as of this morning he was 6lbs 1oz. hes gained an oz and a half in a week and they are wanting that each day. hoping to not have to put the ng tube back in if at all possible.

the older kids are all good. they are ready for school to start back up. and the oldest 2 are ready for tkd to start back after the 1st. they are really missing it.

im doing ok. just exhausted. trying to keep up with everything. i live my day from alarm to alarm going off on my cell phone. mix meds give meds stop and start eats around meds feedings etc... there is something every 1.5 hours.
im also dealing with the fact that my dear ex brian has totally screwed up and wants me to fix it for him, yet he still doesnt want to pay child support. since i wont do it he has decided to harrass me and call me and eli names. go figure. hes always been willing to drop to a new low everytime he doesnt get his way so it should suprise me but its still just another stress that i dont need to deal with.

the kids are out of control and eli is getting fidgety again. more updates soon.

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