Sunday, December 27, 2009

things have been so strange being home. its all so much work. we are still struggling with getting his meds into him so hes throwing up alot. if he is held at all he throws up. so hes fed and immediately put down in his perfect upright position. i sooo miss holding my child. yesterday his weight wasnt good as he lost 1 oz. today he gained 1.01oz taking him back to 6lbs. home health was out yesterday to enroll him and his nurse will start monday. they will also be drawing his labs here at home so we dont have to take him out in the cold. we are keeping him at home as going out uses up to many calories. im not doing well with this as im home by myself 10 hrs a day and still home 24 hours a day. i miss people and being out and about.
sorry this is shhort and choppy but im typing it real quick from my cell phone. more updates soon.

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