Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Night

Last night actually went a bit smoother than expected during the earlier evening hours. I convinced the younger ones to watch some TV and got the older ones to help with a touch of housework. I got the kitchen completely cleaned up, for the 1st time in like 2 weeks. (ooops) As the evening went on though Mr Eli got more and more uncomfortable. The night ended with me sitting up for hours rubbing his tummy so he could stay slightly comfortable. I did this until around 4:30am and then Bob took over so I could get some sleep. Poor little man. I'm beyond exhausted and my head is throbbing from lack of sleep. I'm so hoping that tonight goes better for my tiny man.
I wish I could take this all away from him. Magically make it all better.

Tomorrow starts the kids last week of school before Christmas break. I'm hoping to get some things done around here to make things a bit more organized before they are home for over 2 weeks. I'm hoping to also get some projects put together for Benjamin to try and help with some of his destructive tendancies. His psychologist gave us suggestions that I'm hoping to try out over break. Also hoping to get some potty training progress done with Ms Ari. She's so close, and as much as I'm not ready to do this right now with a newborn, I hate to lose what she's wanting to do on her own.
I'm also hoping to get some knitting done! I still have yet to knit since Eli has been home. I have 1 Christmas present left to finish and 2 stockings to finish. I'm hoping to get it all done but sadly at this point I'm not holding my breath.

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