Monday, December 14, 2009

Before bed quick update

Eli started dropping his oxygen even when not feeding so now they have oxygen constantly set next to him blowing in his direction. That seems to be helping him keep his levels up in the 90's now! His last nurse time they turned his NG off for 30 minutes beforehand and he actually latched on and nursed for 10 minutes. The nurse was right by us with suction and oxygen ready and he didn't need it!!! We kept him upright and he didn't throw any of it up. He immediately went back onto his NG feedings afterwards. He's getting 1/2 an oz every 30 minutes, all breastmilk. They were able to rig up his crib here and we just layed him down to see how he will do. Not having our king bed and not being able to lay him down it's a bit hard to figure out how all of us will sleep. He's got quite a bit of tubing and monitors too. We'll see how it goes.
His urine test came back with a bit of protein, blood, and bacteria. They are running a culture and we won't get those results till middle of the night or morning. This evening he ran a low grade fever again for a bit, but at the moment it's gone. Keeping a close eye on that. He will get a new weight in the morning and we are sooo hoping for a gain. Also hoping he is good and hydrated so they can get his renal scan going in the morning.
This evening we had 2 friends come up and hang out with us for a few hours. It was sooooo nice to have adult conversation and talk and joke and have some fun. It was greatly needed and very much appreciated! More visits tomorrow and looking forward to them as well!
We are going to try and catch a touch of sleep. More updates as we know!

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