Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning update ***Evening update added***

Got the labs back. Potassium is still way to high BUT it was also hemolized again. So we still don't know if it's his kidneys or the dumb lab lady messing up. Tomorrow they are going to have someone else draw it and if it's still high she says we will have to start looking further.
In other news they've slightly increased his feedings as he seems to be hungrier more often. I'm having an almost impossible time keeping up with the pumping, and have started taking fenugreek to try and help.
He went with his swing and hung out at the nursing station for an hour this afternoon so bob and I could go on a walk, pump in quiet, and take a tiny nap. It was super nice to get out of our room and have a few moments together. The nurses all think he's super adorable and had fun hanging out with him. :)
Won't get another update up until tomorrow unless something major happens.
Tomorrow evening we are HOPING to leave him with the nurses again for a short period and try and run home and see our older 4 for a few. We haven't seen them since Sunday. Definitely missing them.
Many thanks and love to all!

The doc just left from morning rounds. Eli's potassium is high. Retesting. Either from to many draws or from kidneys not working right. He gained again. gained 1.6oz!! total weight now of 5lbs 11.6oz which is 0.1 oz over his birth weight! adjusting his NG feedings today, continuing with nursing every 3 hrs. nothing else new yet. Will update as we get labs back today. Sorry so short but a bit busy around here this morning.
Here is a photo of Mr Eli and all of his tubes trying out a swing. He's so tiny, it goes to fast on the lowest speed, so we were able to hang a towel over the end to give some drag. :-)

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