Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick Saturday afternoon update ***evening update***

****Evening Update****
Doc came by and did rounds. Eli will be having a Swallow Study and his scope done on Monday. That will let us know if he needs the NG tube put back in, surgery, or nothing. So we wait. We are weighing before and after all feeds right now, and charting all choking and such. Hoping to gain weight again tomorrow.
Our nurses are amazing. Today we went and inspected empty rooms and decided we like ours the best (we have the 2nd largest) and our nurse helped us "borrow" furniture from other rooms to make our room super nice! So now we have our bed, Eli's crib, a large round dinner table, 2 chairs, our recliner, the large hideabed chair, our rolling table, a dresser, and his scale! :) So it's fairly comfy and we have room to play games, eat meals together, and spread out. She figured since we are long term we should at least be comfy! :-)
This evening Eli went and hung out with the nurses and Bob and I had a quiet dinner in the cafeteria and went on a walk! It was great to have some time away together. Eli did well, and all the nurses love him!
More basic updates tomorrow, but won't know anything major until Monday!

****Morning Update****
Last night Eli dropped his heartrate from 160 to 80. They ran EKG's at 4:30 in the morning and hooked him up to a portable monitor. He's kept it up since.
Mr Eli met with the speech pathologist and she discovered some problems. They are also going to be doing an esophogial scope and having a neurologist do an evaluation. We will now NOT be going to KC on Monday as they are now trying to deal with the new issues that have come up before sending him for major surgery. So back at the beginning with tons of testing on the new stuff. They are hoping that all of this will give us the answer on why he's choking, and once we can figure that part out we can fix it which will make eating easier for him, which will help him gain weight, which will make him stronger for surgery and all of that good stuff. It's a vicious cycle really.
The good news is he did gain weight. He was up to 5lbs 11.8oz, which is 1.8oz gain yesterday. so we are definitely happy about that part.

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JenJen said...

It sounds like your son is in a wonderful NICU. The docs seem really on top of everything going on with him...

My son was in the NICU for almost 6weeks and we didn't have near the accomodations that you have! And, its a level 3 NICU...we had like a hole in the wall with a chair and had to steal another chair when my hubby was there with me!