Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Sunday at the hospital

It's been a fairly slow day around here which is nice! This morning Bob and I hung out with Mr Eli and played Wii for a bit. It was nice to relax a little. Then the charge nurse gave permission for our 4 kids to come to the pediatric waiting room and hang out for a little while with Mr Eli. So we got to spend time together as a family, all 7 of us for a few! while they were here Santa came! The kids all got candy canes, and stuffed animals, and stocking full to the brim of toys and gifts and candy! It was nice to get to have a Christmas moment together as a family. For Bob and I right now it's like Christmas is frozen. Up here in the middle of the hospital you sorta forget that anything else is actually going on in the real world. Before I had Eli we decorated the house, bought and decorated our tree, and bought all the ingredients for Christmas baking. Our tree is dead, the decorations who knows, and not a single thing has been baked or done. I feel so bad for our kids that there really hasn't been a Christmas for them so far this year. This is normally our family's biggest time of year. We are hoping to be able to salvage a bit of Christmas but we just don't know yet.

In other news Mr Eli gained weight. He weighed in the morning at 5lbs 13.4oz which is 1 1/2 oz weight gain from yesterday! We are keeping him as calm as possible and working on eating and gaining today before all his tests start back up tomorrow. We are still working with the nurses to try and figure out how to get him to take his meds, as he doesn't like the flavor and holds it in his mouth and then chokes on them. Not fun. Other than that no new news!

Here is a photo from today of Mr Eli hanging out with his dad!

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CNH said...

I promise to come up soon. I've got a cold I KNOW you guys don't want to deal with. Missing you guys! I hope I'm better before Christmas so I can come and spread some cheer. :)