Friday, December 4, 2009

We are Home!!!

It is soooo nice to be home! Little man is doing well. He's peeing and eating well so for now they are happy. He will have his kidney ultrasound when he's 2 weeks to get a better idea of what is going on. His weight dropped down to 5lbs 7.7oz which is nothing out of the normal for a newborn! He will go to his pediatrician next week and have his hearing and such rechecked, so we won't know more until then.
He's doing much better with the spasms, so it definitely looks like it was simply a slightly under-developed nervous system that made his nerves and muscles a bit overly jumpy. As the nerves have settled down he's able to sleep a bit more comfortably which has been good as well!
His siblings got to meet him yesterday and they were all sooo excited! Ariana's first question was why does he have hands! Over and over! LOL. Everyone got to hold him and they all thought that was great! I didn't have the digital for that so as soon as my mom gets her camera developed I will post those 1st pictures!
We will get more photos updated soon! Promise!

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