Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Update

It's been a fairly busy day and so I haven't had time to do multiple updates. Today we had the regular pediatric doc, the GI, SLP, and the ENT. Oh and medical supply lady in getting the breastpump and the NG pump ordered.
Mr Eli has to gain 1+ oz for 2 days straight and not choke to be able to go home. Today he lost 1.6oz and has choked twice. SLP is concerned that he's silent aspirating. This is way worse than just aspirating. ENT says the left nostril is smaller but still completely open. He says the nasal passages are definitely inflamed and red from the reflux. This is fairly normal with reflux kids unfortunately.
Today has been adjusting feeding and trying to figure out when to breast and when to step in and supplement with NG feedings of breastmilk. It's all quite the balancing act. This evening Eli pulled out his NG tube so they are going to leave it out for a bit and see how he does and give his nose a break.
More updates tomorrow.

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