Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 Kids Tonight

My 4 big people are officially home (for now anyway). Tonight I'm home alone with the 5 of them. Should be a long, interesting, exhausting, hopefully partially fun, night. :)
Emily~ She is doing good. Her Battle of the Books program wraps up next week and then they find out who won and gets to continue on to the competition. She has joined Tae Kwon Do and is loving it. She's catching on super fast and last week the teacher even used her as an example for the class, since she was one of the only ones to have a certain form right.

Jace~ He is incredibly busy right now. They finally got his speech started at school, and he is also doing math and reading tutoring 2 days a week after school. He then has Tae Kwon Do 2 nights a week as well. Last week he had his testing and passed, so he got his yellow belt! Such a big accomplishment for him!

Benjamin~ He's just Ben. :) That really sums him up. He started seeing a psychologist last week, who specializes in autism. She was great and had alot of good suggestions. She will begin some testing and we are hoping to find some things that will stimulate him in a safer way than what he is currently doing. She gave us some good suggestions to deal with some of his destructive behavior. He's doing well at school, and loves being there. So that is always a good thing! The tantrums and obsessions and destructive behavior continue and it's exhausting to have to keep such a close eye on him constantly.

Ariana~ She's doing good. Right now she is going thru testing for when she turns 3. At that point she will be turned over to the school district and will start Preschool. I think she will do very well, as she's super social. She decided about 2 days after Eli was born that she wants to start potty training and she's slowly working her way thru that. I think ultimately once life settles down a bit that she will get it figured out pretty fast!

Elias~ He's the same. He's been choking and spitting up alot the last 24 hours so we are back to trying to be creative and come up with new positions to nurse in and to sit in. He gets uncomfortable and super fidgety come evening time and it's hard to get him into a position that he's comfy in at all. He gets the hiccups constantly; it's apparently a side effect of the reflux; and it makes him pretty angry to have them so much.

Bob and I are doing as well as can be expected. We are exhausted, and trying to keep life as normal as possible, especially now that the older 4 kids are home.
Ben and Ari are supposed to be napping right now, Jace and Emily are playing their new Wii Monopoly game, Mr Eli is sitting in his boppy on the couch next to me hiccuping, and I'm about to fall asleep. :) Let the fun begin!

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