Monday, December 14, 2009


OMG. This has been the longest day of my life. Eli woke up this morning with a fever. Immediately called the doctor as directed, and she immediately sent us to the hospital. He had a fever, but no symptoms so the fear was kidney infection. Got to the ER and immediately got a room, and within 5 minutes they were getting him a bed on the pediatric floor. His oxygen was dropping below 70 as he was trying to eat and he is turning blue. His urine was cloudy, so they are thinking infection. They got the pediatric GI in here and she has changed his meds, and ordered an NG (feeding tube). Right now they are giving him his feeding constantly thru the feeding tube (still breastmilk) and then having him latch onto the breast every 3 hours so he doesn't forget how to suck. They are going to rush the kidney scans, hoping to do them tomorrow. They think the kidney is making the reflux worse. So now we are looking at surgery on the kidney and considering surgery for the reflux. He lost more weight as well. We are here indefinitely and on the feeding tube indefinitely. He needs to gain weight to have the surgeries, and having the surgeries would ultimately help him gain weight. It's a catch 22. So here we are at the hospital hooked up to monitors with the feeding tube. We are overwhelmed and scared and have no clue what to think or do. We just keep being told he's so tiny and so sick. We know these things, we just want to know what to do to make him all better. I'm freaking out...beyond those who know me can imagine.

People keep asking what help we need. Here's what we need. We need meals brought up for us (we are covered for the next 2 nights) and my parents could use meals as they've gone from feeding 2 to feeding 6. Also they need a few days/hours of child care for my little 2, as they have some work meetings and such that they can't rescheduale. We could use some company once in awhile when people have a chance. We also need as many prayers as imaginably possible.
We are soooo blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. We can't thank all of you enough. The meals, the texts, the phone calls, the check in, the support, the listening to me freak out on the phone, the visits..

choking and breathing issues. gotta go. more updates later.

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