Friday, December 25, 2009

Weight Gain!!!

It's been a long busy few days home. First they messed up Eli's meds and it took the pharmacy multiple phone calls to try and fix it. Finally got it fixed but the prevacid refuses to dissolve in water and huge grainy pieces sink to the bottom. So it clogs the tube and the syringe and clumps up in his mouth and he chokes on it. We've been on the phone with the pharmacy multiple times trying to figure out what to do to fix it. So he was only getting small portions of his meds so he of course started throwing up and getting super congested. We've been working as fast as possible to fix this. Then Mr Eli ripped out his feeding tube. Home health will be putting it back in tomorrow. He's been eating well, so we are happy about that. He's loving being back in bed with us at night and slept well last night. In other BIG boy news he gained! He was 6lbs even today!!!! A huge accomplishment. Now to keep gaining.

It's been nice to spend Christmas day with all 5 of our kids! We've had a great day and are now at my parents for christmas dinner! I will get pictures from christmas posted in the next day or two!

merry christmas and love to all!

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ahumphries said...

they do make a prevacid elixir. Not all pharmacies make it. I know some childrens hospitals make it.