Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weird Dream Last night

I had a super weird dream last night. I dreamed that Brian and I went to Walmart to buy a Christmas tree. They had a special going on, that with each tree you bought you got a free sheep dressed up like a christmas tree. As we were leaving Walmart there was a protest going on. It was animal rights activists. Brian made me carry the sheep. They kept yelling at us and telling us that these sheeped weren't farm raised and that they were mass produced. Everytime we would get close to our van they would move our van farther away. As I was in that stage of coming out of a dream right before waking up I yelled at them that it was ok because after the holiday we were going to use the wool to knit diaper covers, so we were recycling. then I woke up. Spoooky. If that tells you anything about the lifestyle I'm experiencing around here! :)

In other news Benjamin still isn't feeling well. He only got sick one more time around 4:30am. He is still running a fever though and very sleepy and grumpy. Poor guy. He's napping now and I'm hoping that when he wakes up he'll be feeling a bit better.

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