Saturday, October 6, 2007

Caught in the Middle

Sometimes I feel stuck in the middle. I'm here in Iowa, a large portion of our family is in Kansas, including my husband, obviously. I'm trying to arrainge Emily's birthday so she has a great 7th birthday. That apparently isn't so easy. Brian is coming, and my parents are coming, and Brian's mom may be able to make it as well. I'm trying to organize people's arrival, sleeping arraingments and food. It's hard to get that all coordinated so that everyone is happy. I want the focus to stay on the fact that it's Emily's birthday, not on everyone's requests and wants. Also my family is having trouble learning to adjust to Brian's personality quirks. He is working OT and and going to school, and he's exhausted. By the time he gets home he eats and goes to his room and does computer stuff, watches TV, and sleeps. My family is feeling like he's upset or antisocial, and are wondering if they are doing something wrong. Brian doesn't even realize that he's coming across that way. He's just in his own world, being Brian. He doesn't feel connected to anything anymore in Wichita and is really missing his family. He feels as though he's stuck in limbo and that makes it even harder for him. So instead of them talking it out, I'm emailed privately by all parties, and left feeling like I'm the problem solver. I hear both sides, and I can completely see where both sides are coming from, but I have no idea how to make it better. I don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt or to feel like they've done something wrong. Nobody is mad at anybody, it's just a hard tiring time.
I just want all of this to be over with. I want my family back together again. I miss Brian, alot.

On a lighter good side we finally got our couch today. We got a large 3 piece sectional! I found it in the local newspaper. It's big and comfy, and does exactly what I need, and best of all it was cheap! :) YEAH! The kids are loving laying on it, and I can't wait to curl up on it tonight and watch TV! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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