Tuesday, October 2, 2007

shopping trip from Hell

We picked emily up from school and ran to the local grocery store to get our shopping done. the boys ran in and there it was. the darned school bus shopping cart. they piled in. part of the way through the store jace starts complaining that one of the steering wheels is missing and he wants to switch places with Ben so he can have a turn. I have Ben switch places and the tantrum begins. Ben screams and throws and hits and kicks. I take him out of the front car part and put him in the front basket with me. He gets even madder. At this point everyone in the area is staring at me. Some people with a look of sympathy some people with a very angry look. I quietly try to talk to him and calm him down but he's not having it. We grab the last few things and go to the checkout. i couldn't even hear the checkout lady. She offers a sucker, I refuse. The lady in line behind me comments that this is when you just want to pretend like they aren't even your kid. i thought yeah right. we simply couldn't get out of the store fast enough. then emily needs to pee, so we have to go find the bathroom, and then back to the front for stamps that i almost forgot. finally we were out of there. Ben didn't stop crying until we'd been home for 10 minutes. I just wanted to scream myself. It definately makes life hard.

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