Friday, October 19, 2007

Been Busy

My hubby informed me that I haven't blogged in days. We've been busy trying to get situated again being home. The kids are back at school and very happy about that! Benjamin wanted to go but he won't go back until Monday. Ben, Ari and I have been grocery shopping and fall decoration shopping. We bought a few decorations today at hobby lobby and decorated the house up for fall time. It looks and smells yummmmmy in here! This evening I'm baking some loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread! Can't wait to sample them!
The weather had been super cold here! I kept turning the heat up and couldn't figure out why it never warmed up. Finally we called the landlord. he came over today and the darned pilot light on the furnace hadn't been lit. Go figure. So basically it was blowing cold air out into the house, subsequently making it colder. So now it's feeling much better in here and it will be nice tonight to not have to try to keep 12 covers on top of me and the kids! :)
I'm missing Brian, but it's not like it was at first. We are making sure to see each other often and that really helps. Also the kids and I have simply been so busy that it helps.
Benjamin is doing well on his new supplements. His appetite is doing pretty good. He hasn't eaten as well today, but I keep reminding myself that he will have his off days. He has pooped twice in 2 days which for him is amazing!!! His attitude is even changing a bit. He's been little Mr troublemaker. Not good that he's getting into trouble, but good that he's experimenting and exploring and such
We are preparing for Emily's bday next week. She's going to have a castle cake. She's very excited! She is also going to start piano lessons next Monday. She will go once a week. She wants to learn violin. I called a teacher and she says they start with piano for one year and then can begin learning violin. Emily is excited! I have no doubt that she will love it, as music has always been a passion of hers!
Well Little Ariana is getting fussy. I'm thinking she's getting tired. Morning naps have been few and far between! :)
missing everyone! hugs and love!

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Anonymous said...

Miss u bunches
-- Brian