Monday, October 29, 2007

36 and 10 equals 46

I will not see brian 36 days, but will see him 10 days out of the next 46. That leads us to the end of this transition. Then he'll be here with us, permanently. Bri headed home today. He didn't leave here until 4:30. he had no interest in leaving. Emily said that he needed to get back to Wichita and finish there so he could come back here and live with us as a family forever. It was so cute, and sweet. It was nice having him here. This was his longest trip here, and his first trip on "normal days" where we were taking kids to school, shopping, cooking, etc. It was nice to get a glimpse back into normal family life. I will see him next when the kids and I go back to Wichita for Thanksgiving. Emily's adoption will be finalized on November 16th and we'll get into town on November 17th! Some celebration will definately be in order! She's very excited! We'll be in Wichita for a week. Then Brian will come back here the first weekend of December, so we can get a tree and decorate for Christmas together as a family!

Things went pretty well this weekend all in all. I'm pleased with that. The kids and I need to again settle back into our routine. I think that's been the hardest part for them. As soon as we start to get situated with a routine something happens and we have to start all over again! They've done well considering everything that has been going on around here.

Emily had her 2nd piano lesson today. She really enjoys it. The teacher said she is doing well and she has new songs to practice this next week. Her goal is to get a minimum of 1 yr of piano and then she wants to begin learning the violin. She's not sure if at that point she will do both, or just switch to the violin. We shall see. Music is definately something that she enjoys and it really comes naturally for her.

Ben did great at school today! Talking even more. They had playtime outside and the teacher said he was talking quite a bit out there. It's like night and day with him at school!

Jace is also doing well in school. He really enjoys being in school and around other kids. He loves the activities.

Ariana is doing well. She is cutting her first tooth, FINALLY! In fact it now looks like she is working on cutting both of the bottom 2. She's scooting all over the house and is into everything!

I'm doing pretty good. I've lost another 4 lbs. I'm past the point of all of my pre-preg clothing and loving that fact! tomorrow is Bri and I's anniversary and we did our gift exchange this weekend. I got him an 8MB Ipod so he could have all of his music with him wherever he goes! He got me the large digital photo frame! Right now I have 50 something pics slideshowing through it! I love it! I've been wanting one for a long time! It was so much fun to go through all of my pics and pic out all the cute candid photos of my family and put them into the slideshow!

Tomorrow my local moms group is having a halloween party here at my house. I'm excited to get to meet some more of the moms and have a great time!

Well Ben just hit Ari in the head with a plane, and now she's less than thrilled. Off to cuddle with her! :)

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