Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holy Freaking Cow

What an evening. I was in the middle of cooking dinner. Jace is cleaning, Emily is practicing piano, and Ben and Ari are playing in the sunroom. All of a sudden I hear a thud and Ben screaming. I go running in there and he's between the couch and the coffee table on the floor. He busted his lip open and it was bleeding and then his nose started bleeding a bit. At this point Emily and Jace start running everywhere. Emily brings me 1 large DUCKY bath towel and a BRIGHT ORANGE handtowel dripping cold water all over the kitchen floor ( i asked for 1 small WHITE washcloth) and Jace just runs through the house screaming EMERGENCY EMERGENCY. Then not even 1 1/2 minutes later Jace comes running into the kitchen holding Ari and drops her on the tile floor. He claims she was eating a box. So clearly Ari is now screaming her ass off. Emily is screaming Jace dropped her, Jace dropped her. Jace is screaming Ari ate a box Ari ate a box, Ben and Ari are just screaming, and my eggs are burning onto my new skillet on the stove. Yep that was our evening. Great huh? I love them. I love them all the time. I really really do. Honest. :)

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Michelle said...

ohhh wow that's quite an evening! hope you had a good night's sleep! :)