Monday, October 22, 2007

4 yr old possibly for sale

I love him. I really really love him. BUT he's driving me bonkers. He and I are going round and round so many times a day, I'm so dizzy by the end of the day I can hardly think straight. He's really been power struggling and testing his boundaries lately. I'm at the end of my sanity, and out of ideas on how to deal with it. There has got to be something that I'm missing but I just don't know what it is yet.

Ben did well at school today. It was his first day back since starting his supplements. They commented to me that they noticed a change in him! I was so happy about that!

Emily had a half day of school today. Then this afternoon was her first piano lesson. She enjoyed it. She has to practice for 10 minutes a day! I'm curious to see how she will do keeping up with that.

Ari and I did some experimenting today with her feedings. I weighed her before and after and she's getting more than enough milk. I'm going to up my calories a bit and see if that helps. Also I bought her some yogurt, tofu, avocados, and spinach. We'll see how that does as well!

That's about all in the world of me. Tomorrow morning we have a playdate. Then the boys have an appt with our DAN! Doc. Then I'm hoping to get some laundry done during nap time! Gotta love it!

Hugs and missing everyone....

AND....last but definately not least!!!
CONGRATS and welcome to the world Thumper!!!!!! (pics, need lots of pics!!!!!!!)

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