Thursday, October 11, 2007

Information Overload

I have spent 6 hrs today reading and researching. I've read 250 pages in books, researched about 30 internet sites, and picked apart symptoms and treatments on Asperger's and Autism. I'm more confused than when I started I think. It's so much information, and so conflicting. Some say shots cause it, some say mercury, some say who knows, ssome say change diets, try supplements, intensive therapy, hope it will go away, accept it, which therapy to try, etc. I think it is a very unique diagnosis in the fact that nobody knows exactly what causes it, or how to work with it. it has no cure, no fix. One of the books i read had an interesting statement. It said something to the affect that if a family has a child diagnoses with cancer people come pouring in with meals, support, and help; but then a child is diagnosed with autism and people avoid you in the grocery store. I don't get why that is. I pray that people don't look at him differently, don't treat him any differently. I pray that I have the wisdom and the strength to figure out how to best help him, without neglecting my other parenting and wifely (is that actually a word) responsibilities.

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