Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend already ending

this weekend has gone super fast. My parents headed home this morning. We went out to breakfast with them, and then Brian and I took the kids out to a big mall out here and hung out and played for a bit. Then home for naps, and Brian and I laid around on the couch and watched TV together. A quiet semi-lazy day. Now tomorrow we are already back to running around and school and such. The nice part is Brian doesn't leave until tomorrow afternoon, but still i'm not ready for him to go. We won't see him again until thanksgiving. So this will be our longest stretch without seeing each other. Hopefully time will go fast. When he's here time flies, when we are apart time drags. Go figure. It has been nice having him here for a few and getting some extra sleep. I've been sleeping better at night, and it's been nice to have someone to share parenting responsibilities with. Makes me not so tired!
The kids are good. Ariana is getting her first tooth. She's chewing on everything, but it doesn't really seem to be bothering her.
that's about all really. back to the real world again tomorrow. go figure. :)

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