Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brian is in Iowa!!!

Bri is in the state, he's still about 2 hrs away but close! :) My parents are headed to KC and then will stay there for the night and then come the rest of the way in the morning.
I've had a productive day today. I got Emily's presents wrapped and Brian's anniversary present, I got all of the laundry done, got the house cleaned, baked some orange glazed pumpkin cookies, and all that good stuff. So yep i feel like i've gotten alot done.
Jace cleaned the basement today. I was very impressed! He cleaned up the whole toy room by himself without asking for help! That's pretty unusual for him!
Ariana has big news. She has a tooth almost. you can finally see a tooth sitting right under a big puffy gum. So I'm guessing any day now she'll FINALLY have her first tooth!
Tomorrow will be nice having Brian here! He'll get to go take the kids to and from school, and he is also going to get to meet our DAN! Doc. So I'm very happy about that. I know that he has alot of questions so I think it will be good for him to actually sit down and chat with her and hear what she has to say.
The kids are bouncing off the walls tonight, especially Jace. They all know that it's a big weekend, and the waiting isn't doing so well for them. And Bri will get in after bedtime so they won't see him until morning.

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