Sunday, October 21, 2007

Definately NOT a lazy day

Today was definately not a lazy day. We went household shopping and grocery shopping, went to a local farm and bought pumpkins. Then we handmade all of Emily's bday card invites, made halloween cookies, decorated pumpkins, we made a rules chart, and 2 sticker rewards charts, and cleaned out the closets and changed all the clothes over from summer to winter. Oh and cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinnner! :) I'm feeling like we accomplished quite a bit today!

My good friend is in labor. She called earlier saying she thought her water might be leaking. Then called back saying her water broke. I'm so excited for her but sad that I'm not there to be with her right now! :( I know I'll get pictures soon and will be running to go see her as soon as I get in town for Thanksgiving!

I ate green beans tonight. For any of you who know me you know that is huge. The kids saw fresh cut green beans at the store today and wanted them. I bought them and made some with dinner. I forced myself to eat them because I knew they would be good for me. Definately not yummy but not quite as bad as the canned crap! :)

I'm very excited! My hubby and parents are coming here for the weekend. Emily's bday is Saturday and they are going to come and help celebrate! I bought all the food for that today, so that is nice! We will be busy! The kids are excited to get to show everyone their house, and schools, and all that!

Bedtime is slowly making it's way here. I'm sooo ready! The days are busy and it gets dark early and I get so sleepy!

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