Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family coming soon

Brian gets here tomorrow and my parents get here Friday. The kids are very excited that everyone is coming here! Emily is obviously exited about it being her birthday but I think she's even more excited to simply get to show them around!
Both kids earned their first stickers tonight. We are trying out a sticker rewards chart. I'm at the end of my sanity with them so I figured it was worth a try.
Ben had a meltdown this afternoon. He wanted fruit snacks but refused to say please. I stood firm and finally after 1 hr and 20 minutes he said please. I immediately gave him the fruit snacks. The rest of the evening he immediately said please anytime he wanted something. Also he talked to his teachers today! YAH!!!! As soon as I walked in his room his teacher ran over and told me about it. He said "puppy", "I want turn" and "I want fish". I'm so excited! This is his first time to say a single word to his teachers. They said that again today he was interacting more with the activities and making eye contact and responding to them! I'm beyond excited to think that the supplements are helping so much and so fast. He was starting to get constipated gain, got an adjustment and as soon as she stood him up from the table he pooped. He's been pooping every since! I wish I would have done all of this sooner! But i'm glad we are doing it now and I'm so happy to be seeing so many good improvements. We've cut back Ben's dairy, and haven't done anything with removing gluten for him.
Jace had his first adjustment this week. He's also on the supplements, and I've completely cut out dairy with him, and we are looking at alternatives for removing gluten. We'll probably cut it in the morning, and try to replace a snack with something gluten free but not completely remove it right now!
So anyways now that I'm rambling away...I'm going to go watch a bit of TV and head to bed. I'm tired!
hugs and loves and missing everyone!
Special kisses to little thumper!

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