Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weight of the World

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders right now. Our schedule is packed. Emily has school 5 days a week and piano lessons once a week. Jace has school 5 mornings a week and is starting piano lessons once a week. Ben has school 2 mornings a week, in home therapy 3 mornings a week, in home therapy once a month, in school therapy 4 times a month, and doctors checkins once a month. Ari just nurses constantly! :) Brian works 5 days a week. We are on a 4 day a week workout schedule, and I meet with my personal trainer 2 times a week. I'm in school 5 afternoons a week, taking 7 hrs with 2 labs. One of my classes is ASL (american sign language). Starting today we aren't allowed to speak at all. Our teacher is Deaf and doesn't speak so we are in for complete immersion. I'm nervous that it's going to be super hard. The pressure is on this last bit of school for me as I have to maintain a minimum of a 3.5 GPA and do research and volunteer work to even consider getting into Grad school. The scary part is I can't do anything in the field with a bachelors, a masters is required. So yeah. Oh and don't forget all the other mom, wife, and household duties that I still have to keep up with.
I'm a bit nervous how we are going to keep up with everything. Only time will tell! :)


Em said...


You'll be fine, hon! Just keep repeating over and over - "I am Superwoman, I am Superwoman". And call me when you need a breather.

Heather said...

I sooo can't wait to see you in 3 wks. I'm definately in need of hanging out time! I will call you tonight! Promise!

CNH said...

You can do it!!!! Sounds like it's completely overwhelming. I can't imagine how hard it's going to get for me next fall homeschooling Gabe, running Hannah to school, juggling twins and an 18 month old, taking Noah to MDO, working out, and trying to attend just TWO weekly activities.

I'll call you then and cry at you and you can tell me "oh girl, I've got this DOWN" ;)