Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Test Results In

The doctor called me early this morning to let me know that Ben's test results were in and that the Fragile X test came back negative. So we are very relieved about that. They will run more tests next month. Ben also goes to his second round at the University of Iowa on the 15th so we will have some more answers then as well.

I have my orientation at the UofI on the 18th and classes start on the 23rd. So life is pretty busy! I'm excited to get started but feeling a bit rushed. I won't get to pick my classes until the 18th so it doesn't give me much time to get daycare organized and such.

The kids started back to school today. It was nice for everyone! They were all happy to get back with their friends and it was nice for me to just have Ariana for a few hours this morning! :)

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Anonymous said...

What is fragile x?