Thursday, January 10, 2008

Constant Sickness

I feel like we just can't win around here. Jace has chicken pox and is still out of school. He has a recheck tomorrow and hopefully can go back to school on monday. I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat and by wednesday i could hardly swallow anything. I went to the doc and I have strep. one of the worst cases he says he's seen, to the point he called me out pain killers. Then this morning as I was drying Emily's hair I noticed what looked like a cut. She told me it itched. Upon further inspection I found that Emily had lice. We spent over 4 hrs today combing that dang itty bitty comb through her hair. It was horrendous. She cried the entire time. Jace was so cute and came in there for over an hour and held her hand and gave her hugs. He kept telling her "take deep breath in, take deep breath out" I couldn't believe that my rowdy 4 yr old boy stood there for so long helping her and comforting her. I was very proud of him! I don't see anything else in her hair but only time will tell if we actually got all of it! They recommend redoing it again in 7 days. UGGGGH! So she can go back to school tomorrow.
i'm just exhausted from it all. We move and everyone has been constantly sick. I'm ready for everyone to be healthy and well and enjoying life!

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