Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend is almost over already

time is going so fast. This week just pretty much flew by. it was a long but fast week. i got enrolled and i will be taking 7 hrs this semester. i'll be taking american sign language 1 and introduction to speech and hearing processes. I will have to go to school 5 afternoons a week. I've got the daycare lined up so all is good there. Ari should do well as i'll be gone during her naptime so we won't miss many feedings. i was able to get a my books for one of the classes and will be getting the rest of my books next week.

we went to the gym both days this weekend. today we actually had alot of fun. we did things with the balancing balls and with medicine balls. i lost another pound so i'm hoping to keep losing.

i start school on tuesday and i'm definately ready. other than that not much else going on around here.

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