Tuesday, January 29, 2008


the other day when i posted that it was negative 28 degrees here won cedar rapids a record. at that moment we were the coldest place in the WHOLE WORLD. that's not the kind of record i'd like to be a part of! It is horrible today as well. We had a whiteout blizzard with horrible winds(35-47mph). it was sooo dang cold. i had to drive home in it. not fun.

school is going well. i'm getting used to it. i'm starting to get homework so that should be fun to fit into my life as well. it's nice to be around other people and to be doing something for myself.

jace had his first piano lesson last night and did really well. the teacher was really impressed at how well he did. he will keep going for a few more weeks and then he can decide if he'd like to continue. emily is doing well and starting to play actual songs and such. she likes that.

brian is enjoying work. he has his first actual project. so that's good. we have been invited by his boss to a super bowl party, for the whole family. we will go for a while and see how the kids do! it will be nice to get out with people for awhile!

on the weight loss end life is good! i'm down to....drumroll...177!!!!! YEAH!!! I'm really starting to lose inches and weight and i'm beyond thrilled about that. my highest starting weight was 255! so i've made huge progress. i'm now in a size 14 jeans and am super happy about that!

i'm finding that i've learned alot about friendships and life in the past few years. i have a whole new appreciation for it all. i've really learned to step back and watch. i've learned the value of keeping my mouth shut and being patient. i've learned that karma is very true and real, and that it happens, no matter what.

off to TV and then bed, as i'm exhausted after our workout tonight!

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