Thursday, January 31, 2008

The much anticipated PICTURE

okay here it is. excuse the fact that my hair is a mess. it's almost 9pm, we just got home from an hour and a half workout and got the kids to bed...BUT you can atleast get an idea of the new haircut and finally see a picture of my current weight!

I will start off with some older pictures so you can see the changes.
The first is me in April of 2007 at my BIL wedding.

next is a HORRIBLE picture of me this summer at the zoo. i only include this so you can see the change. quite embarressing but encouraging to see the difference.

next is me today.

And LASTLY this is also me today (i'd like to mention that i was not aware that this pic was being taken, my husband was a bit camera happy)

so there it is ladies and gentleman! the new me!


Jen L said...

WOW!!!!You look awesome!!! way to go.
I try to check on your blog every now and then to see how you all are doing. I sounds like it has been very cold and snowy there. I hope you all stay warm!! Have a great weekend!

CNH said...

Holy shit Heather! You look like a completely different person. Have I mentioned lately how proud of you I am!? Well, I am cause you ROCK my friend.

Jodi said...

Hi Heather!!! I just wanted to say that you look absolutely awesome! Congrats to you for all your hard work! I am sure you feel wonderful! How many kids have you had????? You would never know! Keep it up girl!

Chelle said...

WOW Heather, you look amazing! Way to go!! You are an inspiration :) I agree with Chantel, you ROCK!

Andrea said...

Hey Heather...way to go!!! I'm really proud of look great and happy ;-)

Nicole said...

OMG Heather!!! YOu look amazing!! Like Chantel said, a whole 'nother person! Great job seriously!

BTW, what are you doing to lose the weight? I must mimic! :D