Saturday, January 26, 2008

Date Night

Brian and I had our first date night in Iowa last night. We went to a really nice Italian restaurant for dinner, and had a nice long relaxing time. The food was good, and it was so nice to talk and laugh. We went shoe shopping afterwards! :)

I'm learning right now that what goes around comes back around, and if you aren't careful will bite you in the butt. I'm glad that I just stepped back, and out, as that was the best thing to do, and allowed Karma to work it's magic! :)

Anyways life is good here. It's a SUPER toasty warm 21 degrees here today. Dang near feels like spring!!! Speaking of spring, i've never been so ready for it in my entire life. Supposedly it comes in April, that seems so far away!

We will be in Wichita in less than 2 weeks now and i'm so excited! Not only am I excited that Brian will be in the car with me, making the drive so much easier, but i'm excited to get home and see everyone! Oh and hoping for some nice warm weather so the kids can spend some time outside!