Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday/Wednesday updates

Sorry I'm a bit behind on the updates. Yesterday was such a loooooooong day! Ben and I left for the University of Iowa at 7:45am and didn't get home until 5:15pm. He was beyond exhausted and so was I. We met with sooo many people, and he had so many tests. They finally officially diagnosed him with Autism/PDD which is Pervasive Development Disorder and it's on the Autism Spectrum. He will be put on the waiting list for the Waiver program and will begin all of his therapies in full. I'm so glad that part of the journey is behind us.
We got home and he was so tired and Ari was beyond frantic for me to nurse her and she was tired as well. It was a long night. Brian ended up taking Emily and Jace to the family math night at her school and I stayed home with the younger two.

Today wasn't so eventful. Ari and I went walking this morning while the boys were in school. This evening I got my haircut. I was a bit nervous as this was my first cut here in Iowa. I've always gone to the same person for the last 16 yrs so it was a bit strange! I really liked the stylist though and I like my new cut!

Brian and I are going to watch a bit of TV and head for bed. I'm exhausted! More updates later!

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Andrea said...

You need to take pics of the new haircut...I wanna see what it looks like!