Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hospital...Super Sick

Sorry I haven't gotten this posted here at all, most of you know from facebook, and the wonderful world of texting! :)
But Eli was direct admitted to the hospital last night. At home his O2 sat dropped considerably and I had to turn up his O2. Doc said bring him in and did a direct. By the time we got here Eli had gone fom his normal 1/2 liter/hr to 4 liter/hr. He was up till 2am getting chest xrays, labs etc. His chest xray showed both lungs worse than ever, full of infection. His WBC was over double what it should be. He has a sinus infection, the pertussis, pneumonia, reactive airwary, and something that we can't figure out they think. They want to do a chest CT, but he's not stable enough for the anesthesia right now. He's getting breathing treatments and CPT every 2 hrs, with deep suction as often as needed, steroids, antibiotics, and all of his normal meds. Right now he has his nose canules on full time, he has a mask running next to him for rescue, and then he has deep nasal suction hooked up to 1 suction machine, and then oral suction hooked up to another. Takes a large group of us to run everything during a "rescue mode".
This has by far been the scariest journey I've ever been on. Watching tiny's O2 sat fall, and watching the nurses rush in, and all of us kicking into "rescue mode" as his lips are turning blue. The moment it's done I realize how scary it is.
There is tons more I'm sure but right now I'm too tired to type it all. I will update more tomorrow.

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