Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone's sick.

It's been a heck of a week.
Bob and I had our 4 day Biology rewiew, for 4 hrs a day, 2 tests a day.
Saturday morning Jace woke up sick. Monday middle of the night Emily got sick. Tuesday middle of the night Ari got sick. Wednesday middle of the night I got sick.
This is ALL on top of Eli being super sick.
Bob ended up having to call the doctor at 4am this morning. Eli was coughing and choking and gagging so bad he could hardly catch a breathe. So we are back on breathing treatments every 3 hrs followed by 5 minutes of CPT per side. They are trying to get him an O2 stat monitor. He's on oxygen pretty much constantly right now. He's miserable.
Jace, Emily, and Ari are all better mostly. Ari is still a bit tired but her stomach is all better. I'm done with the stomach part as well, that piece was super short lived for me, but my body can't seem to get past the fever that I've had all afternoon. My head is throbbing.
So all in all it's been a crap week. luckily our class is done and now we start our semester classes on Monday. Highly unlikely that we will ever take a 4 day class again.


Brian said...

4 day biology review? Hope they covered enough that you can cover these (reaching into my 9th grade bag of tricks):

What's the difference between mRNA and tRNA?

Explain peptide synthesis.

What is the relationship between photosynthesis and aerobic respiration?

Explain the differences between meiosis and mitosis in terms of chromosome count and number of divisions.

What are the 5 kingdoms?

What is a numeric taxonomy?

What system includes the hippocampus and olfactory cortex?

What is the difference between heterogamy and isogamy?

What is the difference between diploid and haploid gametes?

Heather said...

so seriously is all you ever take from my posts random shit? do you ever notice the information about your children? you sure don't talk to them, or call, email, or text for info. you just come on my blog bitching about things I post or trying to belittle me.
THE KIDS ARE THE PRIORITY BRIAN. Get it thru your rather large thick head.