Sunday, August 1, 2010

8 months old today and he half rolled!!!!

I got Eli all hooked up on his feed and situated him flat on his back in bed like we always have. Went back in when his pump was beeping and my tiny man was up on his side sound asleep. He got to this point AND held it in a fashion that he was able to fall asleep and stay there!!! Maybe he will figure out how to roll! i know at 8 months old this seems WAY late but for Eli this is a huge accomplishment! i'm super excited for his PT to get here on Tuesday and tell her.

Being a typical mom I grabbed my cell phone, turned on the light for half a second and took a photo of my tiny boy. It's a crappy pic and the light sucks but i don't care! i'm super excited!

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Anonymous said...

Go Eli!!!!! I knew that you would someday reach this milestone. Keep on growing young man.