Monday, August 9, 2010


My kids have a roof over their head, gas, electric, water, trash service, phone service, cable/internet, they have a bedroom, each of them has a bed. They have working bathrooms. They have clothes in their closets, shoes, shampoos, soaps, hair accessories, general bathing/hygiene products. They have toys, books, colors, bikes, balls, movies, Nintendos, Wii, computer access. They have school supplies, bookbags, PE shoes. They have food, 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. They have unlimited access to medical and dental and prescription as needed. They have holidays, birthday partys, birthday presents, cakes, friends over, get togethers, family adventures, etc.
They have not gone ONE SINGLE DAY without. NOT ONE.
Has it been rough? Sure. Has it been worth it? FOR SURE. My job as a parent is to sacrifice so that my kids have what they need. I have sold every piece of jewelry, every designer purse, every piece of designer clothing, every single thing I can scrape together of mine, I've sold it. I've gone without food or snacks for myself, so they could have what they need. We are going to school to be able to get better paying jobs, and we are doing it online so we it won't interfere with caring for the children. Bob has worked countless hours of overtime to be able to pay the bills. We've budgetted, we've cut corners, we've clipped coupons. We have 1 vehicle, because we simply can't afford 2. We live in a city that doesn't provide busing, so no vehicle isn't an option for us. We watch where we drive so we can save on gas. We make what we have last and stretch.
But my children haven't suffered NOT ONCE. I have provided. They have what they have because of the sacrifices that Bob and I have made. Do I want a reward for sacrificing? HELL NO. It's my job. I'm a parent and that's what you do. My reward is watching my children grow and be happy. My reward is during grocery shopping my kids are searching thru the boxes of cereal looking at the price per ounce and thru the coupon holder to see what we have coupons for. My reward is watching the excitement on Jace's face when he opens his present and it's a used copy of Mario Kart for his DS. He doesn't care it's used and was WAAAAY cheaper. He just cares that it is something he wanted so badly, and he finally got on his 7th birthday. My reward is Ari running along behind everyone shutting off lights, cause lights cost money. Ben closing all the blinds in the house to keep the house cooler. My kids are learning how to budget and save money and how much things cost. They are learning to appreciate the roof over their head.
I get the joy of talking to my kids every day, watching them grow, being part of their excitement when they lose a tooth, or when their surprise birthday party is coming up. I get to watch as Ben learns to read his 1st words. I get to celebrate with Ari for finishing her potty learning.
NEVER EVER EVER does anyone have the right to question what I'm doing and if I'm responsibly spending MY OWN money. My kids have a roof and utilities and clothes. What more freaking proof do you need?

Oh and did I mention that I've spent the last 2 years paying the price for bills that were incurred during my marriage? I've paid all the utilities here that were never paid, I've lost my dang taxes for 2 years now to back taxes. I'm left with the van payment, the furniture payments, I have collection calling constantly for bills that were incurred. And lets not forget that I'm paying for the 4 children and raising them 100% without their father because he's enjoying eating every meal out, going to casinos, bars, karaoke, smoking cigarettes and cigars, drinking alcohol, having someone else clean his room and do his laundry, purchasing electronics, travelling to concerts, and visits, and who knows what the heck else he's doing.


Kimble-Wood said...

Oh, Heather. I wish I could think of something to say. You are an inspiration to me. I wish I was better at following your example. You make me want to be a better person, mom, co-worker, etc. Bob and your kids are lucky to have you in their lives. I don't know what's going on and it isn't my business, but you know I'm always here if you need to vent.

Anonymous said...

And to think they could still have all that for about half of what you're paying in rent! Maybe not a bedroom for each one of them, but so what? You'd still free up about $800 a month! A luxury home is not an entitlement.

Heather said...

Hello Anonymous. First I'd like to say I hate spineless people who can't sign their names to bullshit ramblings.
Secondly we don't have a bedroom for each child, and BY LAW since we have 7 people we have to live in atleast a 4 bedroom home as only 2 people per room in a RENTAL home is allowed. And clearly you don't live in my city because finding a home in that price range for a family of 7 isn't happening.
Thirdly I don't live in a luxury home but that would be pretty darned awesome if I did.
So until you are able to sign your name to shit and have something productive to say then I'll politely tell you to kiss off.