Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Mr Eli

Mr Eli has pneumonia. His cough never went away and just kept getting worse. To the point he was choking and gagging. Doc had us bring him in today. His O2 was 93% and he's grunting. Did a chest xray and sure enough Eli has pneumonia. No freaking clue how that has happened. As Eli is obviously NPO. So all we know is fluid is getting into his lungs and we don't know how. Going to keep him on the Ktank as it's the purest oxygen right now for ALL naps and sleep, instead of just the longer ones. Call into the pulmonologist so just waiting to hear back from her.
I'm scared. I don't get what the heck is happening. I just want Eli to be ok. I don't understand why my tiny man can't get a break. It's just not fair.
More info when we get it.

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