Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Week so far

It's been a super busy week so far. Bob worked 12 hrs sunday and monday, then worked 7 1/2 hrs tuesday night, then 12hrs again today and tomorrow. Then our nurse was sick, so it was me at home with no vehicle, no hubby, and all 5 kids. Fun times! The AC crapped out, so it was super hot for many days. They finally got it fixed, and it's been much better since. There was a leak and it took a bit to fix. I did however get some crochetting done. I finished a blanket for Mr Eli. He is in love with it and has enjoyed curling up with it for naps.
Lets see...Other news.
Eli had his monthly appt with his surgeon. She said he looks like such a little chunky monkey! Which comparatively he does! He's 14lbs!!! Getting so much bigger. She increased his balloon from 6cc to 10cc, to see if that helps with the bit of give and leaking. Eli also had PT this week. Did alot of pre-crawling, pre-sitting, and some basic rolling work. He gets tired so easily. Only can seem to work on these things for about 3 minutes before he's beyond exhausted. And by exhausted I mean to the point where he can hardly even keep his eyes open. She's concerned that his oxygen is dropping during the day as well, especially when he's working, and suggests we talk to his Pulmonologist about all of this. Which we will be meeting with soon!
Emily got enrolled in school this week as well. She's super excited. They will immediately begin her testing for the gifted program, since academically she is so far ahead. We are keeping our fingers crossed that socially it isn't as hard for her this year. Last year was rough for her in school.
Jace is super excited for school to start. He's going to a new school, since he is no longer in primary school, he gets to go to the elementary building to start 2nd grade!!!
Benjamin of course will be in the primary building for kindergarten. We have his IEP transfer meeting next friday, and we are really looking forward to getting some detailed information and getting everything set up for him. He will have a para and that will help, but we definitely have some other things that need discussed.
We are going to look into the parents as teachers preschool program thru our district for Ari as I think she would really enjoy that time to be around kids her age.
Bob is working working working. Not much else to report. We are all so proud of him, and everything that he does for our family. Looking forward to spending this weekend, and celebrating Jace's 7th birthday!
I'm doing pretty good. Still sore by afternoon, and exhausted by evening but able to do a bit more each day. I don't have another check in with my doc until 6 weeks post op so that's good.
More updates as I can. These next few weeks are hectic. Eli has multiple appointments, the kids start school, Bob and I start school, Bob's scheduale changes at work, and who knows what else will come up!

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