Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Full Household Updates

For those of you who think Brian is an amazing man, (from what I know there are none of you out there that think that, but just in case) here is his newest comment.

"Seems to me the spawn of your adultery partner is stealing most of my kids' thunder.
By Brian on Everyone's sick. at 12:31 PM"

This coming from the man who hasn't called, emailed, or texted to ask not 1 single question about HIS kids. I spend every day and every minute and every penny caring for them, he does nothing yet he thinks he has the right to post shit like that? WTF

Anyways on to shit that actually means something at all.

updates forward to backward this time! :)

Bob and I~ Bob's working, and we both are busy with school. It started for us this week as well. All of our classes are online, we only have to go to school for our A&P lab. So that's nice. Bob's scheduale changes starts on Sunday, so that will take some adjustments.

Emily~ She's doing well. She's already bored with school. They are working on basic multiplication, 0's and 1's, which Emily and I learned last year with homeschooling. They will begin her testing soon for the gifted program.

Jace~ He's excited to be at the elementary school this year. His class is starting off slowly and hasn't had any homework yet. He is super excited to be reschedualing his next baseball game, since the last one ended in a rain out!

Benjamin~ Today was his 2nd day of school. He's done well so far. He's been on the big boy bus and has done well. He's pretty tired by the time he gets home from school, so it's a bit of a push to get him to make it till bedtime, but so far so good. They are working on getting his in home speech set up so they can get the TEACH scheduale set up more efficiently at home.

Ariana~ She's missing everyone as they've all gone back to school this week, but on the other hand she has enjoyed the afternoons with just the 2 of us. This afternoon we went out and got her hair cut. She's looking super cute!

Eli~ My tiny man is still miserable. We had the pulmonologist yesterday. She's going to go ahead and get everything schedualed or the flexible and rigid bronchoscopy. They are also going to run a 24hr PH. So hoping that will give us some more answers. Today Tiny had to go back to the Pediatrician because his cough is just getting worse and worse. They have finally figured out what's going on....Eli has pertusis, which is whooping cough. He's already been treated for it, so he's no longer contagious, but now we are just left with this horrible cough. He's miserable. The rest of the house is being put on a propholactic dose of antibiotics just in case. ***almost forgot. this morning was the genetic counselor and geneticist. They decided to run a full chromosomal test. It s a microarray that looks up and down every piece. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to get the results and then we will go from there.***

Not much else new is going on. Just getting thru each day. More updates in the next few days as well as pictures from the 1st day of school.

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