Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jace's 7th Birthday

Jace had his 7th birthday on the 6th of August. We had a family dinner here at home on his birthday and he got to open a few presents. Then yesterday was his big present and party. He has been wanting to go to a Wingnuts baseball game so my mom looked into their party packages and he was had no clue! We were able to keep it a secret all the way up to pulling into the parking lot! He had a wingnuts cake and got a picture of the team! Then we had front row seats for the game. THEN he got to throw out the 1st pitch from the pitchers mound! He got to meet spinner the mascot, check-out the dugout, meet players, get autographs, and get to keep the 1st pitch ball! He was super excited! As the game was beginning a few low rumbles of thunder could be heard and a few drops of rain. Once the game had began I took my dad and Eli home and everyone else stayed. With my dad not being able to see anything and Eli still getting over being sick everyone figured that was best. Everyone else got to watch the game, until it was ultimately called because of the massive thunder/lightening and rain. Jace is now even more excited to go to his next game! :)
I will upload some pictures now, but can't seem to get the video of his pitch to upload right now.

Jace's Cake

Jace and his friend eating cake

Jace and friend tired of pics

Bob and Eli hanging out after cake and presents

Wingnuts sign and flag

Everyone waiting for game

Bob and Eli hanging out in the seats

Jace getting to meet some of the players

Jace and Spinner the Wingnuts Squirrel (As you can see Jace was getting super nervous/excited about his 1st pitch coming up in a few minutes! He did great though and was super excited!!!)

Jace getting to checkout the Dugout

Flag Ceremony before the game began

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