Monday, December 22, 2008

Surgeon Appt Today

Today I had an appt with my surgeon. He said I'm looking good. He advanced the drain and it immediately started draining again. So I have this drain for atleast 1 more week. He didn't remove any stitches and who knows when he will. He wants me to keep wearing all of the wonderful compression garments, and said to even start trying to sleep for a bit on my right side to help push some more of the fluids out. I go back next tuesday.
i'm still not standing and walking straight and I'm still sitting up in bed, not even remotely close to laying down. go figure. i'm also only in comfy pants, and not even looking at a pair of jeans!

my dad and i spent alot of the day together, running errands and my surgeon. it was nice to get to hang out as we don't get to do that anymore.

the kids are pretty good. so excited for christmas! i can't believe it's in just a few days. i had hoped to be better and alot farther along in my recovery but such is life!
tomorrow i will get some pictures of the kids up! promise!


Jodi said...

You sound in much better spirits! I am so glad! It is the holidays. Enjoy them with your family, sitting. Praying for a quick recovery and small pair of jeans!! :)

Michelle said...

See you soon! Glad you had a good report with the doc.