Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dad home, me back to ER, me home

well we got home late last night with dad. he has a 4mm kidney stone. they doped him up on pain meds and sent him home with a prescription. we crashed.
this afternoon my stomach was so swelled up, i looked like i was 4 months pregnant and my skin felt so tight. called surgeon, told us to meet him in iowa city at the ER. we drove in a blizzard the 50 minutes to the hospital. my surgeon was already there waiting. he thought i had a fluid pocket and used 2 HUGE freaking needles to attempt to draw the fluid out. it hurt like crap as he was pushing in, but he wasn't getting any fluid. i had an ultrasound. no fluid. so apparently i'm just really swelled up from all of the stuff going on. he wants me to start using the compression stuff again, as he thinks i've had enough time since the emergency surgery for good blood flow. he wants me to keep a close eye on it and we will check in monday for an appt, sooner if something goes wrong. so now i'm home from the ER, too, AGAIN.
i'm sick of the damn ER. i'm sick of the hospital. i'm pretty much sick of it all.
will do pictures tomorrow...promise.


~* N *~ said...

Ug you poor girl! Talk about way too much excitement. I'm glad he is ok and I'm so glad you are ok. Hang in there hon! Thankfully there is an end to pain and such in time.

Jodi said...

I am glad that both you and your dad are home from the hospital! Prayers were answered! Continue resting and getting well! I don't want to hear about any more hospital trips, hear me????? :)