Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleep doesn't come easy

I had a recheck at the surgeon today. He went ahead and removed my last drain. It's still slightly higher then when they usually remove it but since mine has been causing so much trouble it was decided that it's for the best. It was by far the most painful to remove. If it starts swelling up then they will have to draw the fluid out with a needle. I'm praying it does well. I go back next monday for an ultrasound to check for fluid pockets and I have a basic recheck. I still can't take a bath or use lotion. he showed me a small stretch I can start doing that should help me get the rest of the way to upright. I sure hope so!
I'm darned sore! Especially my right side where the bothersome drain was.
I'm shocked by how demanding this surgery has been. It's not just been pain, it's been soreness, trouble moving, sheer exhaustion, emotionally, mentally etc. It's just been so much different than I thought it would be. I had my doc, and knitted for a bit today and I'm so tired my eyes will hardly stay open. But i can't just go lay down. If I want to try and get into bed then I need a minimum of 6 pillows, my egg crate pressure mat, and the back cushion of the chair. Oh and don't forget that I need a person to help. I can't lift my legs enough to get myself in and out of bed. Then it takes 10 or so minutes to get everything situated and then hopefully i'm in the perfect position where it isn't pulling on either of my sides, my stomach, or my back. THEN when i wake up i have to wait for someone to come help me as i can't lift my legs and body up off the pillows and swing over to the side of the bed without help. so better pray someone is either really close OR that you don't have to pee to badly! :)
so nonetheless that is the whole process to simply "laying down" and taking a nap. exhausting huh? oh and we all know that by the time you go thru that whole process you are wide the crap away! :)

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