Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home from the Surgeon

Had my surgeon appt this morning. He took out the 2 cables on the outsides, and left the cable in the middle. He decided to again advance the drain. He pulled some out and went to keep the suture kit to put one on. As he was tying off the suture the drain fell right out in his hand. Come to find out there was only about 1/2 an inch of it left inside of me, we'd advance all we had. So my drain is gone!!! He put my lovely abdominal pads back on me and sent me home with a few extra for the next 24ish hours. It will drain and then it will close up. So now I just have 1 cable left!!! YEAH!!! He said all is looking good. He just wants me to be careful. No mud wrestling he said, and no twisting my body, keep all of my movements straight still. I go back on January 6th and he will probably take the last cable out then. oh and on the major itching he said that's a good sign. That means that the nerves and body are trying to heal my right side. Let's hope it goes away quickly because I've never been so itchy in my life! oh and he said once the drain hole closes up I can start trying to drive and test it out but i have to take it easy. Which i know cause it's awful hard to check my blind spot or to look behind when I'm backing up! So I'll wait a few more days on testing that one out!
He gave me the green light for vacation to Wichita so we will be leaving tomorrow afternoon and will be in Wichita thursday morning! I'm so ready for a few days away without the kids!
see all of you soon!


Chelle said...

YAY! So glad it went well today!! Call me when you get into town :)

~* N *~ said...

WOW! It's exciting that you are finally healing up, now without drains.

Have a safe trip back to ICT!