Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holy F@CK!!!

this has been the longest 16 1/2 hours EVER. scariest too! Went to bed last night at 10:50. At 11pm tried to roll over. heard the loudest ripping sound every imaginable and felt something on my sides and legs. My right side had competely busted open, 6 inches wide by about 3 inches gapping open was their guess. definitely fist side. I grabbed my side trying to hold it together. got towels. i sat in a chair. i was completely quiet and could only focus on the 911 dispatcher and the paramedics. i never once looked at my family because i knew that would be the point i'd flip out and lose control. the paramedics had a bit slower response time due to the fact we were having a major winter storm. too awhile to figure out how to get me on their stretcher. since my incision is 1 long continuous incision all the way around my body there was great concern on how to keep the rest from coming undone too. the ambulance ride was a blur of activity on their end. got to er and people everywhere. local er doesn't handle this type of surgery. he calls surgeon, who wants me to come out to Iowa city hospital. so they steri-strip my body to hopefully give a bit more stability and give me some serious narcotics! :)
50 minute ambulance ride to iowa city. surgeon greats us in the dang ambulance drive up. at 2am i was taken straight from the ambulance to the or. docs had to sew muscle and skin back together again. he then used the glue AND used cable stitches. i have 1 cable stitch on each end of the section that tore and 1 in the middle. so all together should help. during surgery doc also cleaned it all out and pumped antibiotic fluids inside. out of surgery at 4am. finally awake around 7am. 2mg's of morphine every 5 minutes for awhile. just got home. i'm in a lot of pain this time.
apparently there was a fluid and blood pocket that got trapped under the skin and the skin couldn't deal with the strain.
sorry so unorganized. i'm tired. thoughts blurry


Chelle said...

OMG I'm glad you are ok Heather!! I've been thinkin about you!! You are in my prayers sister! *HUGS*

Jodi said...

WOW! How scary! I have been thinking about you and checking on you daily. Wasn't expecting this. Take lots of meds and do lots of resting. Keep me posted on how you are doing! Prayers for a quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

OMG Mommy,
that is scary!! I hope you are doing fine after all!!!
I am thinking about you !!
I got your letter by the way and I am going to send a package too, very soon!!
Love you and I hope you get better real soon!!

CNH said...

Oh Dear Lord! Prayers for you! :(

~* N *~ said...

ACK This makes me cringe! I'm so sorry it happened, thank goodness they were able to fix you up and you are ok. Ouchy mama!