Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 4 Post OP

I got to take my first shower today. wow that was nice. photobucket has been acting goofy so the pics will now be posted directly on my blog as it's hard to keep individually sending them. i fixed the before pictures as well a few posts down!
i have the pain pump with 2 leads, and then 3 drains. the incision is obvious, and then the big marks on my upper back are a bad reaction to the tape used to secure the epidural. it ripped and blistered my skin. Excuse the pictures but right now it's the only way to get a good picture AND i can't wear anything but a big tshirt right now as everything gets hung up in my drains! :)
i'm actually doing pretty good. I've been moving around without my walker today and have done pretty well!


MamaMia said...

I can't imagine, Heather. I hope you heal and feel better soon.

CNH said...

Oh honey. Ouchie. *hugs*

Jodi said...

Looks very painful! You are a strong woman and will be so happy that you did this in the end. Stay positive. I hope you heal very soon and are back to being SUPERMOM very soon.